Mega Lion Exchange


Digital asset exchanges / trading platforms have grown into one of the most essential aspects of the blockchain business, thanks to the accelerated market expansion of the cryptocurrency sector. They serve the growing demand for trading by linking primary and secondary markets for all market participants, from venture capitalists to institutional and retail investors, and enabling the capital injection mechanism in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
The economic model of blockchain technology is based on digital tokens and the consensus mechanism: digital tokens unlock economic value and activate the blockchain's internal ecosystem, while the distributed consensus mechanism maintains the operating platforms' efficiency. The growth of blockchain initiatives in the cryptocurrency economy is driven by an incentive structure that is aligned with the business model and economic interests of key stakeholders.
Blockchain technology has established itself as the central system and instruments for autonomous management. The whole blockchain community has grown upon a decentralized approach, gradually growing into a distributed autonomous system, after Satoshi Nakamoto created a set of general principles in his 2008 white paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". The distribution of products depends on the quantity and output of resources and supporting processes, similar to the traditional market economic system; however, the blockchain eco-community fully integrates the right of usage, ownership, and operation with investors, shareholders, employees and customers.
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